Want to thicken your hair? Studies show 1% Pyrithione Zinc will do just that!


The relative increase in hair count for the 1% pyrithione zinc shampoo was slightly less than half that for the minoxidil topical solution and was essentially maintained throughout the 26-week treatment period. Hair count results show a modest and sustained improvement in hair growth with daily use of a 1% pyrithione zinc shampoo over a 26-week treatment period.

In Summary: PZ did half as well as Minoxidil (the active ingredient in Rogaine). Use a PZ shampoo and conditioner daily and see what it can do for you!

The effects of minoxidil, 1% pyrithione zinc and a combination of both on hair density: a randomized controlled trial.Berger RS, Fu JL, Smiles KA, Turner CB, Schnell BM, Werchowski KM, Lammers KM

Br J Dermatol.149(2): 354-62


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